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Our courier collects from our store between 10am-11am – 2pm-3pm weekdays and
10am Saturday – Sunday closed.

All care is given with the deliveries, but it is utmost important that you give the correct house number and street address also a contact number of the recepient .

We are not responsible for incorrect addresses and another delivery charge will be incurred by our courier as he is a separate company .

We love to make sure everything goes right for you and your order , so please double check addresses.

Business Hours :

Monday to Friday: 9 – 5pm

Saturday: 8 – 12pm

Closed Sundays.

White & Green Wreath by Caloundra Florist

White & Green Wreath

Wreath in white and green by request.

Wreaths come in all colours.

If you are looking for a special tribute ,

give us a call on 0754913425.



Vintage Purple Bouquet By Caloundra Florist

Purple Vintage Wrap

Vintage Purple Bouquet By Caloundra Florist

Vintage Purple Bouquet By Caloundra Florist


Love this gorgeous vintage wrapped bouquet.

Special order for a lovely lady who loves purple.

We hope she loved her birthday present.




Blue Magic - Vanda Orchid

Blue Magic.

This stunning orchid sold today, for a  pending arrival of twins.

After hearing the story , these darling babies are a long awaited gift .


Dragons Abreast

Petals on the water.

Last month the incredible Dragon Abreast Organisation called by

for their annual petals to go onto the water,  for the  “Petals on Water” ceromony.

Always willing to help with such causes, it was our pleasure to provide

the petals.

Last week  we received a very beautiful book from

Dragon Abreast.  I know as I go through the pages I will have

a cuppa tea and a box of tissues beside me.

Thank you for this very moving book of  these incredibly

brave and couragous women  .

#dragonsabreast#petals#breastcancerIMG_7360 IMG_7362




Red Rose Delight by Caloundra Florist

Red Rose Delight

Sending out love ..that is what this world needs now.

Red Rose Delight ,

a dozen long stemmed red roses in their natural glory.

Red Rose Delight


Cottage Basket By Caloundra Florist

Cottage Basket

This cottage style basket is filled with flowers

that the garden can grow.

A special request for a VIP customer.

Hoping this grand lady of 89 loves her mixture of blooms.


Modern designer arrangement by Caloundra Florist

Modern designer arrangement

Modern designer arrangement ready for delivery.

Getting away from the traditional box arrangements , these stunning group designs

are streamline and very eye catching .


Paper Whites bunch

Nacissus are in season.

Paper white Narcissus  and the yellow jonquills are now in season.

These lovely little scented  flowers are from the daffodil family.

We have several customers that love these little sweethearts .

The scent takes  them back  of their childhood and playing in Nanna’s yard.